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I am against domestic abuse. Most people are. But I am especially against the use of cats in domestic abuse.

Tonya Parrish owns more than 70 cats, but she’s not a cat lady. Rather, these cats were used by Parrish’s husband as a means to basically enslave her.

“All I did day and night was feed the cats, empty the litter boxes, take out the garbage,” Parrish said. “I had no time for me. I was the cats’ waitress.”

She tried setting up adoptions. But when adopters came to the door, her jobless, stay-at-home husband would say: “You’re not worthy.”

Now the abuser is dead of a drug overdose, and Parrish is struggling to find good homes for all the cats, hoping to whittle them down to seven.

Morals of the story:
1. do not meet a man over the internet and marry him two months later.
2. seven cats is probably still too many.

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