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This is Sockington, or Socks for short


He has more than 500,000 followers on Twitter. His owner views him as “a modern Garfield,” and having read his tweets I would say that is somewhat accurate. He’s missing that sarcasm and disdain for the world that made Garfield so lovable.

Jack, who has 348 followers (more than me, I might add) is extremely jealous of Sockington. If he could talk, he would probably point out that he’s a lot more like Garfield.


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This is Bo. He’s the new first puppy!


I love those little white paws! He’s like a dog version of Socks.

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We’ll miss you.

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The New York Post has a cool photo gallery of the top ten crazy cat and dog stories of 2008. It’s worth a look; there are some stories even I, a devoted cat journalist, was not aware of, including the fact that phone messages accusing Hillary Clinton of hating cats that may or may not have contributed to her primary loss in South Carolina (as if Socks’ mommy would hate cats).

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