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Keyboard Cat: beloved by all. Reincarnated Keyboard Cat: not so much.

While I love seeing cats play musical instruments no matter what the context, the little dancing paws are a little over the top.


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I’m sorry, but this isn’t nearly as good as Keyboard Cat:

A Snuggie does not a captivating animal musician make.

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Every time I think there won’t be any more keyboard cat news, he pulls me back in.


G4’s Attack of the Show recently held an art competition–a keyboard cat art competition! It’s even led to a real live art show at Meltdown Comics in California. But if you’re not in California, you can still enjoy some of the awesomest art I’ve ever seen here.

(WordPress won’t let me embed the video, but I strongly encourage you to watch it. Do it!)

If any of my LA readers want to go to the show and send me some pictures, I would be forever grateful . . .

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A while back, I posted a video featuring Keyboard Cat, Helen Hunt, and Hall and Oates. I hope you all enjoyed it then, because Warner Music Group has now removed the Hall and Oates audio from the video. Apparently there are still a few places you can view it, but most people seem to be in agreement that all Warner did was make Hall and Oates seem even more uncool.

And in other Keyboard Cat news, here is a Keyboard Cat t-shirt that my friend Dan sent me a picture of:


There’s no end in sight for Keyboard Cat . . .

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You just know that secretly this cat is an atheist and she just hasn’t found a way to tell her owner yet.

I especially enjoy the jesus-cam portion.

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Just when I think I’ve seen every keyboard cat video out there, another one pops up. But the ones I’ve found today are two of my favorites. Super Keyboard Cat Bros? Helen Hunt and Hall and Oates? Yes, yes, and yes.

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This is Nora. She likes to play the piano. She likes it so much, in fact, that “an acclaimed Lithuanian conductor” wrote a piece of chamber music for her.

If you ask me, Nora really gives keyboard cat a run for his money.

(You can watch a slightly clearer version of the video at the link above.)

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