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It’s like she’s the cat version of Steve-O, who has his own face tattooed on his back.

Photo via the always crazy Japan Probe and this Japanese cat site that I am sure is awesome even though I can’t understand any of it.


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This morning, the Fuzzkill sent me a link to the best game show ever: a Japanese cat weightlifting game show!


But no, it’s not what you’d think. The cats aren’t lifting weights–they’re lifting fish!

Oh Japan, your relationship with cats is so cute and cuddly and bizarre. I love you.

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fat cat vacation

I will be on vacation until Tuesday. In the meantime, please enjoy this video of a very fat cat at the dinner table.

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I have never seen a cat look less interested in life. But maybe that’s because it’s wearing bunny ears and a hot pink wig.

I was tipped off to this video by Crispin Best, who made that lovely cat book trailer I posted about recently.

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