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There’s something strangely mesmerizing about this video of one cat massaging another cat:

Here is what does it for me about this video:
1. the totally relaxed expression on the face of the receiving cat
2. the neck nuzzle when the cat changes positions
3. the fact that the receiving cat has raccoon eyes

I wonder if there was a happy ending . . .

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You might also like dog massage!

I think my favorite part is how the dog’s name is Henry Wrinkler. And also how the host’s name is Maryjean Ballner.

(Go here http://worldwidewhiskers.org/2009/08/18/the-front-of-your-cat-is-a-veritable-treasure-chest-of-fun/ to see the original cat massage video.)

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Last week, we learned how to massage our cats. Now it seems as though our cats were paying attention and have taken things into their own paws.

Okay, so this cat is massaging a dog, but humans could be next!

Also, they look completely different in the face, but this cat’s body looks so much like my cat Jack’s body that it’s freaking me out. And Jack does occasionally give back massages . . .

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I can’t even begin to describe how much this video about cat massage disturbs me. And I say this as someone who has used her back massager on her cat (what? he likes it. I think he thinks it’s another cat.)

Seriously, though, please watch. And try not to vomit.

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