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This is Prinny. Prinny likes to swim.

She likes to swim so much, in fact, that she’s a regular attendee at a local swim center’s dog rehabilitation classes.

I’m sure she’s made lots of dog friends that way.


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This is Clyde, with his owner and her mom.


Three years ago, Clyde ran away from home in Tasmania. This week, he returned home after being found in Cloncurry.

For those of you who don’t know your Australian geography (and I didn’t), that’s a journey of approximately 2200 miles, with 200 miles of that being over a body of water!

Normally I’m not that into stories like this, but what strikes me so much with this one is that Clyde does not look like a super-scrappy cat who could survive on his own. He looks like a totally pampered puffball, and yet somehow he made it. And that is quite inspiring.

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This is Voodoo.


Voodoo lives in Australia, where he recently survived a 34-story fall. According to this article, Voodoo liked to live life on the edge–particularly the edge of his 34th floor balcony. Although owner Sheree Washington was thrilled that he was ultimately okay (with only a damaged paw, among other injuries), I’d like to suggest an easy way to prevent this from happening again: don’t let the cat out onto the balcony. Seems pretty simple, and yet . . .

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After suffering complications during childbirth, a mama cat was brought to Swan Veterinary Clinic in Perth, Australia. Veterinarian George Huber and nurse Louisa Burgess helped her deliver two perfectly normal baby kittens. And then this happened.







According to the article, the kitten, who may be named either Mr Men or Quasi Modo, seems to be perfectly healthy. About one in a million cats are born with two faces, so this guy just got lucky.

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