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World Wide Whiskers will be quiet for the rest of this week and next week as I head off on a much-needed vacation. But I promise to return with new ideas, new energy, and pictures of what will surely become my favorite places in the world: the cat cafes of tokyo. See you later!


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The best email I received all month contained this:

Hooray for coworkers who know how to brighten your day.

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Cat attack!

At first glance I thought this might have been some sort of anti-fur thing, but I think that stuffed cat was thrown out of love.

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In case anyone’s wondering, there are currently some issues in the greater whiskers family, and posting may be slow for the next few days. Please bear with me!

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At this moment, I am watching the olympics, waiting for pairs figure skating to come on, and catching up with the adventures of Flimsy the Kitten:

“Flimsy is a blue kitten. She tries to be a good kitten, but she gets lots of things wrong. Flimsy does a new thing every day, so please follow her adventures and comment to give her advice or to say hello.”

Flimsy is adorable.

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my new boyfriend

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Linda has been saved!

As you may remember, Linda is the store cat of Skylight Books here in New York City, and for a while there it seemed like the store’s closing would leave her homeless.

But an astute commenter alerted me to this article, which reveals that the store’s owner will be taking Linda home with him . . . after he gives the two cats he already has to a friend.

It’s hard to know all the details, and sometimes good, cat-loving people are forced to make sacrifices for the good of their cats (see also: me), but it makes me sad to think of those two cats losing their home! However, I think we can all agree that in order to prevent future incidents such as this one, we should buy more books (especially at independent bookstores!)

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