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This is Nin.


For years he lived on the highest peak in the northeast US at the Mount Washington Observatory, helping staff members with important calculations and just being generally lovable.


The former stray, the subject of a children’s book called Cat in the Clouds, was put to sleep this week. He’ll spend eternity overlooking the Northern Presidentials, “peaks he saw from the mountain home he loved.”


RIP Nin.


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The woman in this video, Tina Teixeira of Lodi, California, must be grieving intensely over the loss of her cat last week in a hit and run just beyond her front yard. Because if grief isn’t the reason for her actions, then I don’t know what is.

Yes, that’s right, Tina thinks the solution to cat hit-and-runs is to sit in her yard with a sign that says “hit a cat and I’ll hit your kid.” And she seems quite shocked that anyone would think she was nuts.

Tina, here is a tip for you: keep your cats indoors. I guarantee it will work better than that sign.

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This is Mini-Morris. He lives with several other cats at the historic Anderson House in Minnesota, a hotel known for the fact that, in addition to renting rooms, guests can also rent cats. Unfortunately, Anderson House is now closing, and I couldn’t be sadder about it. I would have loved the chance to visit this hotel and have a cat to curl up with while I was away from home (even if Jack might get jealous.)

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rip genghis khan

Clearly, as the maintainer of a cat blog, I love cats more than anything, especially dogs. But there is one type of dog that I get all mushy over: the chow. So I was very, very sad to hear the news that Martha Stewart’s little Genghis Khan perished in a fire at a kennel recently, along with several other dogs. Poor little Genghis Khan. I hope you get many snuggles in doggie heaven.


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We’ll miss you.

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It’s rare that a dog story makes me cry like a cat story. But this one did.


Max, a springer spaniel who for years worked as a police dog sniffing out drugs, was put down last week after being diagnosed with aggressive nose cancer. He had retired last year after arthritis led to him being fitted with a trolley to get around, but he still enjoyed visiting the police station. As his owner said, “He was a fighter until the end and always very dignified. He has had a good life and a successful one as a police dog. Just think of all the bad people he managed to put away.”

Poor Max.

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Sara, the asthmatic kitty who inspired the name of Asthmatic Kitty Records, started by Sufjan Stevens and his stepfather, died recently. She was 14 and clearly very beautiful.


RIP sara.

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