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People who are more aware of politics and political bloggers than I am are apparently up in arms over a recent Financial Times column that likened President Barack Obama to Felix the Cat. Writer Niall Ferguson said:

“President Barack Obama reminds me of Felix the Cat. One of the best-loved cartoon characters of the 1920s, Felix was not only black. He was also very, very lucky. And that pretty much sums up the 44th president of the US.”

Right. And Ferguson sees a lesson for Obama in Felix’s fate:

“Even Felix the Cat’s luck ran out during the Depression. His creator Pat Sullivan drank himself to death in 1933, baffled that audiences now preferred mice like Mickey and Jerry. President Obama should take note.”

I find that baffling as well.

Ferguson claims he wasn’t being racist, pointing out that:

“Felix the cartoon character was a black cat, not an African-American cat – in other words, he was not one of the (quite numerous) 1920s figures in popular entertainment that mocked the mannerisms of the descendants of slaves.”

I would really like to see an African-American cat who is not also black. But that’s just me.


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This is Bo. He’s the new first puppy!


I love those little white paws! He’s like a dog version of Socks.

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We’ll miss you.

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House speaker Nancy Pelosi recently posted a behind the scenes look at the house of representatives featuring two cute cats. I especially liked when one of them cuddled up to her engraved speaker’s gavel. But there’s a special surprise in this video, one that many commenters derided as “so 2008” but which I still think is funny.

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As you all know, we recently lost the First Cat, India Bush. Soon after, some Islamic militants saw fit to mock her death on a website usually used for declarations by members of al-Qaida (according to the associated press).

“For God’s sake, could someone tell us where the wake is to be held?” one commentator wrote. Another poked fun at Arab leaders by saying “This is not the right time to die. It is a dilemma for the Arab leaders at this time because they are busy and have to leave the region to offer condolences.”

As much as I think India’s death is a serious matter that deserves everyone’s full sympathy, is this really news? I talk a lot of shit; maybe there can be an AP article about me, too.

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India, the outgoing White House cat, died Sunday. She was 18.


I’ve written about India before, so I’ll just say that she will be missed greatly, and that no dog (not even an Obama dog!) could be better than a presidential pussycat.

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Socks Clinton, one of the most famous cats in the world, has cancer. At nearly 18 years old and a former resident of the White House, he’s certainly lived a full life. But it will still be the end of an era when he passes on. No Obama dog will be the same, at least for me.

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