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When a house burned down recently in Lake Worth, Florida, the residents’ golden retriever, Bubba, was credited with rescuing them by barking loudly. That’s great.

But what’s not great is the way the residents’ cat, Stewie, has been accused of causing the fire! There’s zero evidence he was the one to knock over the burning candle that started the blaze. Perhaps Bubba is merely trying to cover his tracks . . .


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hipster puppies

I’m loving Hipster Puppies, particularly these two guys:

(caption: max did so much coke at the vice halloween party that he got into a two hour conversation about old sega games and completely missed bad brains.)

(caption: after studying the panda bear album, kafka has suddenly gotten really into tropicália. his friends haven’t the heart to tell him he’s mispronouncing caetano veloso’s name.)

Though of course I must ask: where is Hipster Kittens?

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They can go surfing!

Special thanks to Pat Kiernan, the source for all the best news, for pointing out this phenomenon.

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I’m sorry, but this isn’t nearly as good as Keyboard Cat:

A Snuggie does not a captivating animal musician make.

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I don’t know much about lemurs, but this one seems almost too sweet . . .

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What do dogs do when they want to meet other dogs? They go on doggie dating sites, of course.

Find My Dog a Date helps dogs in the Phoenix area find play dates. Just like on regular dating sites, they have profiles that can be searched for various criteria.

Normally I would advocate for equal treatment for cats, and a corresponding Find My Cat a Date site, but I don’t think most cats are really very interested in making love connections.

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This commercial makes my heart melt into a gooey mess:

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