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You might also like dog massage!

I think my favorite part is how the dog’s name is Henry Wrinkler. And also how the host’s name is Maryjean Ballner.

(Go here http://worldwidewhiskers.org/2009/08/18/the-front-of-your-cat-is-a-veritable-treasure-chest-of-fun/ to see the original cat massage video.)


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My friend Heather sent me this video in an email entitled “Your future, Erica.” But I’d like you all to know that I would never have hundreds of cats. How would I manage to give each one the special love he or she would deserve?

Though there are some cute fluffy tuxedo ones in there.

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What do you get when you combine heavy metal with making fun of cat ladies? AWESOME.

And note, I think making fun of cat ladies is awesome because I am one. I would wear a Garfield sweatshirt! Mine would fit better, though.

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This is Tammy Cross (and an unnamed kitten.)


Tammy lives in a tiny apartment on the upper west side, made even tinier by the fact that at any given time she might be caring for up to 21 tiny kittens, including little Prudence, found on Kitten Little Rescue’s petfinder page.


Tammy Cross may be the only person in Manhattan who I don’t begrudge her rent-controlled apartment. Kittens definitely deserve rent control.

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I think this may be a good example of a crazy cat man.


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I can’t even begin to describe how much this video about cat massage disturbs me. And I say this as someone who has used her back massager on her cat (what? he likes it. I think he thinks it’s another cat.)

Seriously, though, please watch. And try not to vomit.

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Tidy Cat has launched a new campaign in support of people who own multiple cats. The Tidy Cat Campaign to End Cattiness invites owners to submit their stories and “tell the world that owning multiple cats makes life better.” They want to “debunk the stereotype of the crazy cat lady.”

I fully support anything that explains how awesome it is to own a cat, but I’d like to point that it’s possible to be a passionate, loving, devoted cat owner (aka “crazy cat lady”) even if you only have one cat.

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