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If you liked Hipster Puppies (and really, what kind of sick person wouldn’t?), then you’ll love Hipster Kitty. Here are some of my favorites:

caption: Kitty wishes her mom would stop referring to mashup artists as “cover bands”.

caption: This has to be the most boring Michel Gondry film Pork Chop has ever seen.

caption: “Buffalo Exchange won’t sell me new skinny jeans until I put on some pants.”

It’s so much more fun looking at pictures of hipster animals than actual hipsters.

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Please enjoy these photos of adorably sleeping kitties from Dreaming of Kittens. These hold a special interest for me because, to date, Jon and I have only observed Jack truly and totally sacked out ONCE. I’m sure he sleeps when we’re not home, but even so, it’s a little bit strange.

Tongue-sticking-out kitty

Cuddly kitties

Jesus-loving kitty

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You may have heard by now that today, 9-09-09, is Urlesque.com’s official Day Without Cats on the Internet. I, for one, have been absolutely shocked by the list of sites that have agreed to participate. ZooBorns? LAUnleashed? Cute Overload? How could you?

I do, however, enjoy the video Urlesque made to promote the day.

I’m okay with removing cats from old memes. And I get that it’s good to sometimes show attention to other animals (and here on world wide whiskers, I do that all the time.) But what if there’s important new cat news today? What if there’s a cat playing a saxophone out there somewhere?

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Have you ever been so tired?

This seems . . . unsafe.

This was not the only photo of an animal falling asleep over the rungs of a chair. How does this happen?

How is this comfortable?

I think I have been that tired, actually.

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I am sure that the proprietor of To Scarborough Fair is a lovely person and a wonderful crafter. But can I ask why any cat would need to wear a tiny hat?



The site notes that these hats are also perfect for dolls, and that the cats in the pictures seemed to enjoy wearing the hats. I guess it would just never occur to me to buy Jack a hat. Then again, it would never occur to me, if I had a dog, to dress him or her in outfits, and plenty of people do that, too. So it seems like if your cat does need a tiny hat, this is the place to go.

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In the tradition of Fuck Yeah Puppies and Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling comes Fuck Yeah Animals with Casts. The name really says it all.

Some are in wheelchairs . . .

Some have multiple injuries . . .

Some make me cry . . .

As the description says: “Animals with casts are really cute. We hope they get better soon!”

Now why didn’t I think of that? So far I’ve thought of animals eating ice cream (surprisingly hard to find good photos of) and animals wearing glasses (which no one seems to be into.) So close, and yet so far.

(Thanks to Heather for sharing this link with me!)

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Have you ever wondered who has cuter kittens, Canada or America? Well, wonder no more!

That adorable video comes from Cute with Chris, a video show/website/thing of awesomeness. As Chris says,

“Here’s the way CWC works–Every third Monday, I post a new episode of the show; usually a three minute video about homeless puppies and deformed kittens. By the end of the day, thousands of misfit teen girls, crazy cat ladies, and hairy gay bears will have watched the program. By the end of the week, that number may grow to 100,000, and by the end of the month, on some occasions, a million. On the remaining six days of the week, I post some of the hundreds of kitten pictures, and fan photos that my viewers send me.”

So if I’m not a misfit teen girl or a hairy gay bear, does that make me a crazy cat lady? Don’t answer that . . .

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