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Keyboard Cat: beloved by all. Reincarnated Keyboard Cat: not so much.

While I love seeing cats play musical instruments no matter what the context, the little dancing paws are a little over the top.


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What can I say about a video that features Rue McClanahan of the Golden Girls and cats? Aside from the fact that it’s awesome?

And I here thought Betty White was the only golden girl who loved animals.

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Train wreck Amy Winehouse has added something new to her repertoire of crazy behavior: using her cat, Shirley, to communicate with her estranged husband.

Amy’s made a Facebook profile for her cat, Shirley, and last night Shirley’s status was “Shirley loves Sailor” (Sailor being Winehouse’s nickname for her almost-ex, Blake Fielder-Civil.)

If Shirley could talk, she’d probably tell Amy to grow a pair and talk to her ex herself.

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Just when I think I’ve seen every keyboard cat video out there, another one pops up. But the ones I’ve found today are two of my favorites. Super Keyboard Cat Bros? Helen Hunt and Hall and Oates? Yes, yes, and yes.

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In previous editions of celebricats, we looked at cats that look like donald trump. Now we bring you a new celebricat:
Michael Stipe!



As always, we’re still looking for other cats that look like celebrities. Seriously–the fuzzkill and I search the internet for celebricats at least once a week. We need your help!

(Cat photo by kittenagogo on flickr, enhancement by the fuzzkill.)

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Welcome to a new feature here on World Wide Whiskers, inspired by the response to last week’s post about the cat that looked like Donald Trump. Celebricats will feature cats that look like celebrities in some way.

This week I bring you another Donald Trump cat, though luckily this one seems to be in perfect health:


Does your cat look like a celebrity? I welcome all submissions (seriously–The Fuzzkill and I spent a lot of time last Friday searching for a cat that looks like Susan Boyle). Send them to worldwidewhiskers AT gmail dot com.

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