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Keyboard Cat: beloved by all. Reincarnated Keyboard Cat: not so much.

While I love seeing cats play musical instruments no matter what the context, the little dancing paws are a little over the top.


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There’s something strangely mesmerizing about this video of one cat massaging another cat:

Here is what does it for me about this video:
1. the totally relaxed expression on the face of the receiving cat
2. the neck nuzzle when the cat changes positions
3. the fact that the receiving cat has raccoon eyes

I wonder if there was a happy ending . . .

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cat poop coffee

This is an Indonesian civet.

A typical day for him (or her) involves ingesting Arabica coffee beans, and then pooping them out whole. Then these beans get sold to coffee companies and eventually make their way to Florida coffee shops where they are made into coffee that sells for $20 a cup.

Apparently, there are special enzymes in the stomach of the civet that enhance the flavor of the coffee. And yet if I’m paying $20 to ingest something, I’d prefer if it had never been mixed with anyone’s poop, thanks.

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holy crap, this commercial for a japanese hotel site is amazing.

I’m going to Japan in April, and I hope I see a cat wearing a tie.

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I’ve written before about Tama, the Japanese cat with a very important job as a stationmaster. Now I am happy to report that Tama just got a promotion!

Tama is now an “operating officer,” the first time in the world for a cat to become an executive of a railroad corporation. Regular world wide whiskers readers know I have a special place in my heart for cats with jobs, but I’m not sure how I feel about a cat who has a better job than I do!

Please enjoy the video below, featuring lots of meowing from Tama:

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Recently, I posted about the dearth of awesome 2010 cat calendars. Yet somehow I forgot about one of the greatest cat calendars of all–the one made by clothing line United Bamboo.

For once, cats in outfits isn’t horrifying. Cats + fashion=awesome.

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I really wanted to be snarky about this article about sphinx cats being used as therapy cats. After all, it does contain the quote “Terry True says holding Jak is like holding ‘a suede hot-water bottle.'” Which is quite disgusting.

But then I read that Jak, the cat in the article, got his start visiting children with leukemia, showing them that hairlessness can still be beautiful. Damn you, sphinx therapy cat! You’re just doing too much good, and I can’t make fun of you.

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