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I worry about the safety of this cat:

Serial killers always start with animals . . .


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Why are fat animals so much cuter than fat people?

I know he probably has all sorts of obesity-related diseases, but he’s so adorable!

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You’ve probably seen these incredibly wacky Japanese cat costumes before:

Now you can meet the tailor behind them: Takako Iwasa. While it’s a very lovely and inspiring article, it does repeat these incredibly bizarre instructions for dressing up your cat:

“First, dress her up. Cheer or yell. Do whatever you like to enjoy the moment with your family. Second, after you are enough with your joy, take a photo! And third, remove her clothes and give her a hug, say ‘Thank you!'”

Imagine how that would seem from the cat’s point of view. First, your owner forces you into a ridiculous costume. Then he or she yells at you. Then he or she snaps a flash photo in your eyes. Then it’s all over and you get a hug. All that’s needed for it to sound completely like abuse is for there to be a fourth step of whispering in the cat’s ear not to tell anyone about what happened or you’ll kill her.

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I don’t like to mock a cat, but . . .

This Scottish cat wandered into a rescue center this way.

“Luckily no damage was done and the little cat was very pleased to be freed from the discomfort that comes with having your head stuck inside a tin can.”

Seriously. Don’t litter! Your trash could end up on a cat’s head.

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I am against domestic abuse. Most people are. But I am especially against the use of cats in domestic abuse.

Tonya Parrish owns more than 70 cats, but she’s not a cat lady. Rather, these cats were used by Parrish’s husband as a means to basically enslave her.

“All I did day and night was feed the cats, empty the litter boxes, take out the garbage,” Parrish said. “I had no time for me. I was the cats’ waitress.”

She tried setting up adoptions. But when adopters came to the door, her jobless, stay-at-home husband would say: “You’re not worthy.”

Now the abuser is dead of a drug overdose, and Parrish is struggling to find good homes for all the cats, hoping to whittle them down to seven.

Morals of the story:
1. do not meet a man over the internet and marry him two months later.
2. seven cats is probably still too many.

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When a house burned down recently in Lake Worth, Florida, the residents’ golden retriever, Bubba, was credited with rescuing them by barking loudly. That’s great.

But what’s not great is the way the residents’ cat, Stewie, has been accused of causing the fire! There’s zero evidence he was the one to knock over the burning candle that started the blaze. Perhaps Bubba is merely trying to cover his tracks . . .

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Perhaps you remember the story of Sean Lynde, a 36-year-old nyc graphic designer accused of killing his girlfriend’s cats.

Lynde moved in with his gf, Rachael Strate, when she had two cats. Three days later, one was found dead with a broken jaw. Then the other cat suffered extensive head trauma. Lynde’s gf then adopted two kittens, one of which was returned after suffering trauma, and another that “fell off a table.” She then adopted two MORE kittens, one of which suffered a broken paw and then went missing, and the other of which went blind and was then found with a broken neck.

Despite his initial pleas of innocence, Lynde pleaded guilty yesterday to aggravated animal cruelty, admitted that he had killed at least one of the cats.

At least one? So the others were just a coincidence? I still think both Lynde and his ex-gf need serious mental help.

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