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The best email I received all month contained this:

Hooray for coworkers who know how to brighten your day.


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For the crazy cat lady who has everything . . .

Yes, that’s right, it’s a pendant with an impression of your cat’s nose. For just $155 plus shipping, you too can have the creepiest piece of jewelry I have ever seen.

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This is Prinny. Prinny likes to swim.

She likes to swim so much, in fact, that she’s a regular attendee at a local swim center’s dog rehabilitation classes.

I’m sure she’s made lots of dog friends that way.

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It’s not that I love the below commercial for Friskies so much, it’s that I love that there was a whole article about a cat food commercial in the New York Times.

It’s because cats control the media.

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Keyboard Cat: beloved by all. Reincarnated Keyboard Cat: not so much.

While I love seeing cats play musical instruments no matter what the context, the little dancing paws are a little over the top.

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cat sneakers

So you guys, I’ve been thinking about incorporating more cat fashion into my life . . .

If these cat sneakers weren’t $49 and weren’t beige, I’d be wearing them right now.

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Cat attack!

At first glance I thought this might have been some sort of anti-fur thing, but I think that stuffed cat was thrown out of love.

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