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At this moment, I am watching the olympics, waiting for pairs figure skating to come on, and catching up with the adventures of Flimsy the Kitten:

“Flimsy is a blue kitten. She tries to be a good kitten, but she gets lots of things wrong. Flimsy does a new thing every day, so please follow her adventures and comment to give her advice or to say hello.”

Flimsy is adorable.


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When a house burned down recently in Lake Worth, Florida, the residents’ golden retriever, Bubba, was credited with rescuing them by barking loudly. That’s great.

But what’s not great is the way the residents’ cat, Stewie, has been accused of causing the fire! There’s zero evidence he was the one to knock over the burning candle that started the blaze. Perhaps Bubba is merely trying to cover his tracks . . .

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snow day!

In honor of today’s massive snowstorm, I present . . . cats frolicking in the snow!

And I know this isn’t exactly a cat frolicking in the snow, but it *did* come up when I google-image-searched “cats in snow,” so . . .

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Perhaps you remember the story of Sean Lynde, a 36-year-old nyc graphic designer accused of killing his girlfriend’s cats.

Lynde moved in with his gf, Rachael Strate, when she had two cats. Three days later, one was found dead with a broken jaw. Then the other cat suffered extensive head trauma. Lynde’s gf then adopted two kittens, one of which was returned after suffering trauma, and another that “fell off a table.” She then adopted two MORE kittens, one of which suffered a broken paw and then went missing, and the other of which went blind and was then found with a broken neck.

Despite his initial pleas of innocence, Lynde pleaded guilty yesterday to aggravated animal cruelty, admitted that he had killed at least one of the cats.

At least one? So the others were just a coincidence? I still think both Lynde and his ex-gf need serious mental help.

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hipster puppies

I’m loving Hipster Puppies, particularly these two guys:

(caption: max did so much coke at the vice halloween party that he got into a two hour conversation about old sega games and completely missed bad brains.)

(caption: after studying the panda bear album, kafka has suddenly gotten really into tropicália. his friends haven’t the heart to tell him he’s mispronouncing caetano veloso’s name.)

Though of course I must ask: where is Hipster Kittens?

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He is FAR too mean-looking for me. If he had a bad day, he would totally take it out on me.

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cat poop coffee

This is an Indonesian civet.

A typical day for him (or her) involves ingesting Arabica coffee beans, and then pooping them out whole. Then these beans get sold to coffee companies and eventually make their way to Florida coffee shops where they are made into coffee that sells for $20 a cup.

Apparently, there are special enzymes in the stomach of the civet that enhance the flavor of the coffee. And yet if I’m paying $20 to ingest something, I’d prefer if it had never been mixed with anyone’s poop, thanks.

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