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It’s like she’s the cat version of Steve-O, who has his own face tattooed on his back.

Photo via the always crazy Japan Probe and this Japanese cat site that I am sure is awesome even though I can’t understand any of it.


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holy crap, this commercial for a japanese hotel site is amazing.

I’m going to Japan in April, and I hope I see a cat wearing a tie.

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neil gaiman made me cry

Neil Gaiman has written very eloquently and beautifully about the death of his cat, Zoe.

I had been avoiding reading about Zoe, even though several people had mentioned it to me (people have also been all over mentioning the catorialist to me lately, too). I knew it would make me cry, and of course it did. There’s a cat-shaped hole in my heart right now, and even with various other sad things going on, in the end any crying jag goes back to Jack and how much I miss him.

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Okay, maybe they’re not in love. Maybe they’re just friends. It’s still the best thing ever!

(photo via le love, where i also found a recipe for microwaveable red velvet cake. which is almost as good as cats in love.)

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They can go surfing!

Special thanks to Pat Kiernan, the source for all the best news, for pointing out this phenomenon.

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Eight years ago, a boy cat and a girl cat shacked up in a one bedroom new york city apartment. Fast forward to today, when those two cats have led to 37–and their owner finally realized she had a problem and called the ASPCA.

(the little gray one grabbing the bars of its cage is KILLING me.)

Having seen countless stories of cat hoarding (and one traumatic episode of HOARDERS), I have to commend these cats’ owner for finally realizing that 37 cats in a one bedroom apartment is a problem. Yes, it was out of control, but it could have been so much worse! (seriously, that episode of HOARDERS haunts me.)

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I’m sorry, but this isn’t nearly as good as Keyboard Cat:

A Snuggie does not a captivating animal musician make.

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