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new year, more cats

I’m pretty satisfied with who I’ll be kissing at midnight tonight, but a teeny part of me still wishes there were someone fluffy to kiss as well (though not on the lips. i’m not some cat perv.) Losing Rainbow (who died) and Jack (who stayed with my ex) this year has been rough.

Here’s hoping I meet some new cats to love in 2010! One of my resolutions is to volunteer in a cat-related capacity (the other ones: get a driver’s license, write more, use more hand lotion), so there’s a good possibility I will.


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cat calendars 2010!

Now that it’s almost the new year, I’ve realized that what I need most in life right now is a cat calendar. But which one???

I know some people might disagree, but I think that cat is more creepy than cute.

I am not interested in learning from this psycho cat.

These cats and I might have different standards of cool.

animal abuse.

don’t be fooled–this is not an awesome calendar of cats with jobs.

Finding a good cat calendar is harder than I thought . . .

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If you loved the cat on a roomba punching a pit bull in the face, you might enjoy this video of him exhibiting the same violent behavior . . . while dressed as santa claus:

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To continue with last week’s theme of cats being dicks, here is an awesome video of a cat showing a dog what’s what:

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I love cats more than anything, and I still loved this list of six adorable cat behaviors with shockingly evil explanations.

Though I of course maintain that only some cats are dicks. The rest are perfect angels sent from heaven to make our lives better.

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In honor of the upcoming Christmas holiday, I present to you . . . santa cats!

And, my favorite!

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There’s no denying that fingerless gloves can be useful for those days when the office is just too cold. There’s also no denying that it’d be nice if those gloves were heated. But this might be going too far.

Just plug them into your computer via USB, and your hands will be warmer than they’ve ever been before. But is it just me, or do these seem absolutely impossible to type in? I guess for some people actual work takes a backseat to looking cute.

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