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Turkey makes everything better, even when you’re a cat.


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big cat portraits

Recently, I attended an event at Littlefield, a bar and performance space here in Brooklyn. When I arrived, I was greeted by the most awesome piece of art I had ever seen. Here is a picture of me with it, looking very pleased with myself:

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Now that I finally have a working iPhone, I’m on the lookout for new apps to add. Luckily, I just found out about the greatest app of all: CatPaint!

“Davander Mobile has launched CatPaint, an app that lets you add cuteness—in feline form—to any photo on your iPhone or iPod touch. You grab a photo, choose a kitten, and then tap to place it anywhere within the image.”

YES. The only photo I have on my phone so far is one of an actual cat, so I haven’t tried this yet, but rest assured . . . I will. It only costs $1!

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This is Carmen.

Her life was perfectly normal until a few months ago, when she was diagnosed with diabetes and a thyroid condition. Unfortunately, her owner could not afford her medication, and so Carmen “attacked” her and her son. And then they called 911.

There are a lot of snarky things that could be sad about this story, but mostly it makes me sad, because it’s eerily similar to what happened to my childhood cat, minus the actual diagnosis. Poor Carmen.

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I would like to play chess with this cat.


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You might also like dog massage!

I think my favorite part is how the dog’s name is Henry Wrinkler. And also how the host’s name is Maryjean Ballner.

(Go here http://worldwidewhiskers.org/2009/08/18/the-front-of-your-cat-is-a-veritable-treasure-chest-of-fun/ to see the original cat massage video.)

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even if she’s a buddhist who’s actually your dead mother.


A German bank robber had his request for his cat to visit him in jail denied this week. Peter Keonig, a Buddhist, claimed he couldn’t live without Gisela–especially since she is the reincarnation of his dead mother.

“In turning down the kitty-plea, the court said they respected religious freedom, but that there’s no proof that cat is in fact Keonig’s mother reborn, the Telegraph reported. The court did note he would be able to write the cat, but there’s no indication his mother retained her reading skills after transitioning to feline form.”

Good job, German court.

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