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Police have made an arrest in the case of Sticky the duct-taped cat.

Please note that the reporter’s name is Nefertiti, which is awesome. And also that more than 100 people have offered to adopt Sticky, who will hopefully have a happy ending.


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Please enjoy these photos of adorably sleeping kitties from Dreaming of Kittens. These hold a special interest for me because, to date, Jon and I have only observed Jack truly and totally sacked out ONCE. I’m sure he sleeps when we’re not home, but even so, it’s a little bit strange.

Tongue-sticking-out kitty

Cuddly kitties

Jesus-loving kitty

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This is Scarlett’s Magic.


At 17.1 inches from “shoulder to toe,” she is officially the world’s tallest cat.

It’s possible she’s also the world’s longest cat, but those results are still pending. At any rate, she’s quite cute and her owners are “absolutely thrilled,” as are other cats who can ask her to knock things off high shelves for them.

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This is a cat who has been affectionately nicknamed Sticky, and this picture of her makes me cry.


And if somehow it doesn’t also make you cry, you might want to watch the below video, where you can see that Sticky is a sweet, gentle cat who just wants attention. The fact that someone did this to her is completely, totally horrifying.

What kind of world do we live in?

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This commercial makes my heart melt into a gooey mess:

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When I learn to drive, this is the car I’m getting:


Unfortunately, the site where my boyfriend found this was in Russian, so I have no idea how I would go about buying this magnificent automobile.

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Two cats reenact the story of Frankenstein . . .

So, this video is kinda cute, but the best thing about it is that the doctor is played by “Sgt. Marshmallow.”

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