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snuggie for dogs

If you thought the Snuggie (or the Slanket, for that matter) was ridiculous, check out the Snuggie for Dogs:

When I asked Heather, my lovely friend who sent this to me, why there was no Snuggie for Cats, she said “because a cat would cut a bitch.” True.


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This is Tashi.


Tashi is paralyzed. But since he arrived at Tabby’s Place, an animal sanctuary in New Jersey, in November, he’s been learning how to walk. He has hydrotherapy sessions and does Pilates-like exercises to strengthen his legs and to learn how to walk. He also hangs out with his best friends, two diabetic cats named Albert and Tony.


Of course, this is all very expensive. So if you’d like to help pay for Tashi’s Pilates (or his medicine, or Albert and Tony’s medicine), go here.

And if you’d like to see Tashi in action, check out these videos:

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This is Nin.


For years he lived on the highest peak in the northeast US at the Mount Washington Observatory, helping staff members with important calculations and just being generally lovable.


The former stray, the subject of a children’s book called Cat in the Clouds, was put to sleep this week. He’ll spend eternity overlooking the Northern Presidentials, “peaks he saw from the mountain home he loved.”


RIP Nin.

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This is Toro Inoue.


Before today, I had never heard of him. But according to this site, he’s the sony mascot, sort of like the mickey mouse of japan. People are excited because soon he’ll finally be featured in an American game, but I wish somehow he were drawn to look cuddlier.

Oh, and he doesn’t always have a fish for a body. In case you were wondering.

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About a month ago, I brought you some awesomely bad cat tattoos. Now, I bring you even more:

Why is this cat eating with chopsticks?

Yes, a wild cat’s blood always comes out in x’s and stripes. They’re very orderly that way.

As I looked for cat tattoos, I thought that there was no way I could top the cat butthole tattoo from last time. I was wrong. It’s not that this one is a worse idea for a tattoo, it’s that the tattoo itself is just so shitty.

If you love butthole tattoos, you’ll love cleavage tattoos.

And finally, we conclude with a somber, serious one.

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I mostly just enjoy his tail swishing back and forth at the beginning:

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You may remember back in February and March when I posted about Small Cat, the cat evicted from her home at Comma Coffee in Nevada due to “health concerns.”


Small Cat is back in the news today after the state health board denied a variance that would have allowed her to come back to the store.

Emotions were high on both sides, and some of Small Cat’s fans said they might appeal to the state legislature. I’d like to think that maybe the state legislature has more important things to deal with, but I also don’t understand what the big deal is. Comma Coffee is an independently owned business. If June Joplin, the owner, wants to have an entire cat circus in there, what’s the problem? As long as she posts a sign out front notifying people with allergies (or people who hate cats), why can’t Small Cat come back?

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