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When one of Jon’s nephews came to visit, he became convinced that we had a talking cat. I talk to Jack all the time, and he talks back. He understands when I am calling him, when I say “dinner!” and when jon wants to play with him. We understand when he is hungry and when he is playing with his toys (he has a special gargle-esque meow for that). But, unlike this video suggests, I do not generally meow or growl at him.

Also of note: I have never ever seen Jack’s tail do the thing it’s supposed to do when he’s angry. I think he just doesn’t get mad.


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I hope you enjoy this video, narrated by a very dignified British man, of cats getting high in a catnip garden. My favorite is the cat who is so high that he starts drooling.

I had no idea the flowers of catnip are so pretty. Maybe we can get Jack a little mini catnip garden of his own . . .

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Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day.


Rather than complain about how it’s not Take Your Cat to Work Day, I thought I’d compile a set of pictures of cats at the office instead. Behold!

Somebody needs to learn to clean off his desk.

Somebody has too many post-its.

His desk isn’t messy, he just has a lot of work.

And finally, a way to keep your frisky cat co-workers from interfering with your important typing.

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Welcome to a new feature here on World Wide Whiskers: terrible cat tattoos.

1. Cats don’t really look like this.


2. A bad cat tattoo is not going to make the death of your friend any easier.


3. Stop perpetuating evil cat stereotypes.


4. Wow, he’s a king and a biker? What a busy cat.


5. This one’s actually cute, if you ignore the hint of ass crack. And the fact that I found it on a site called TattoosForGirls.info.


And, finally, my favorite . . .
6. Any tattoo that features an asshole, whether yours or the tattoo’s, is a bad idea.


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This is Robin Hood.


He’s in a cast because someone shot his paw with an arrow.

Much as I love Fuck Yeah Animals with Casts, I have to admit that I didn’t think of the dark side of those adorable images. What if some of those animals, like Robin Hood, were in casts not because of accidents but because of human cruelty?

It’s breaking my heart.

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The moment I met Jack, I knew he was meant to be our cat. And while I haven’t felt anything that strongly towards another cat, I do melt at the sight of those trucks with cats up for adoption. As I said to Jon yesterday, if Jack wasn’t destined to be an only cat (his megacolon means we have to monitor his “output,” which would be hard to do with another cat around), we would have adopted another one by now. But another and another? Probably not.

Unlike the ladies in the following documentary trailer.

Yet despite the fact that I’ll never have anywhere from 16 to 116 cats, I still consider myself a cat lady. I do, after all, run a cat news blog. And I got jealous of an old lady on the street the other day who had a kitten umbrella.

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In the tradition of Fuck Yeah Puppies and Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling comes Fuck Yeah Animals with Casts. The name really says it all.

Some are in wheelchairs . . .

Some have multiple injuries . . .

Some make me cry . . .

As the description says: “Animals with casts are really cute. We hope they get better soon!”

Now why didn’t I think of that? So far I’ve thought of animals eating ice cream (surprisingly hard to find good photos of) and animals wearing glasses (which no one seems to be into.) So close, and yet so far.

(Thanks to Heather for sharing this link with me!)

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