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Yesterday, in Greeley, Colorado, a 26-year-old woman named Amanda Watkins stopped to talk to a child in someone’s front yard. Sources say she talked to the child about “hitting or harassing” a cat. No word on whether the child had hit Watkins’ cat, whether the child was hitting someone else’s cat, or whether Amanda Watkins randomly stopped to talk to a three-year-old girl about cat violence.

But to Renee Soto, that little girl’s mother, it didn’t matter. She came charging out of her house and beat the crap out of Watkins with a Razor scooter.

Though Watkins was nine weeks pregnant, she only received minor injuries and will recover just fine. But the mystery of what a cat had to do with this fight will continue forever.


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I could pretend that I had a fascinating reason for posting these pictures of cats looking like vampires, but the only reason is that they’re awesome.





(couldn’t resist that one)

Photos by flickr users moocatmoocat, marvinsiefke, gnal, and pudpudgirl. As always, please send in your own vampire cat photos!

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I have never seen a cat look less interested in life. But maybe that’s because it’s wearing bunny ears and a hot pink wig.

I was tipped off to this video by Crispin Best, who made that lovely cat book trailer I posted about recently.

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We all know about Dewey, the most famous library cat in the world. Now meet Fidel:


Fidel lives in Kent, England, and spends his days at the local library, leaving only when he sees his owners coming home from work. At first, the staff tried to discourage him, but he kept coming back, and sometimes even beats them there in the mornings. No word on what his favorite books are or if he can actually read.

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Inspired by Alfie, the horse who won’t let groomers remove his moustache, I present: cats with moustaches!




If you know of a cat with a moustache, please post/link to a pic in the comments!

Photos by Tintagel22 and tanakawho on flickr.

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This Saturday in Seattle there’s finally a place for all the totally special but still very normal cats to go to have their day in the sun: the Average Joe Cat Show.

Unlike some of the fancier cat shows out there, the Average Joe Cat Show is a day for cats to just hang out and be awesome. Prizes will be awarded for: Longest Tail, Softest Fur in the West, Longest Whiskers, Fluffiest Tail, Black Beauty, Best Senior, Most Unusual Markings, Mr. and Mrs. Personality, Most Average, Scrappiest Looking, Most Playful, Most Obnoxious, and Monster Cat (largest).

There’s also a costume contest. This guy won last year:


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With spring comes baseball. With baseball comes . . . cats?


An intrepid cat snuck onto Wrigley Field on Tuesday night during the Cubs game. Despite being picked up by his tail by a security guard, he’s now doing fine in a local shelter.


Recently, a cat did the same thing at Citi Field during a Mets game:

No word on where either of these cats came from or what their motives were.

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