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catcityTampa, Florida, was named the #1 cat-friendliest city this week at the American Animal Hospital Association conference. “The council based its Top 10 list on criteria such as a city’s cat population, the percentage of microchipped cats, the number of American Association of Feline Practitioners members and the number of CAT FANCY magazine subscribers. Extra points were awarded for cat-friendly local ordinances and if the city’s mayor owned a cat.”

Damn, I knew I should have subscribed to Cat Fancy. That must be what kept New York off the list. Anyway, here’s the full list:

1. Tampa, Fla.
2. Phoenix
3. San Francisco
4. Portland, Ore.
5. Denver
6. Boston
7. Seattle
8. San Diego
9. Atlanta
10. Minneapolis

Seriously though, I should really get off my butt and subscribe.


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to the person, or any future persons, who arrived at World Wide Whiskers after searching google for “cat in vagina”:


Seriously, no.

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This is Mini-Morris. He lives with several other cats at the historic Anderson House in Minnesota, a hotel known for the fact that, in addition to renting rooms, guests can also rent cats. Unfortunately, Anderson House is now closing, and I couldn’t be sadder about it. I would have loved the chance to visit this hotel and have a cat to curl up with while I was away from home (even if Jack might get jealous.)

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I don’t know this cat’s name, but he works very hard.


He lives in Belarus with his owner, who has installed him on a street corner with a note that reads “need money for meat and fish, bless you.”


She rescued him from “the slaughters,” but couldn’t afford to feed him, so she put him to work begging for his supper. Regular readers of World Wide Whiskers know that I love cats with jobs, but I think this may be a little too much for me.

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Some people use leftover cat and dog hair to make handbags. Those people might just be a little bit crazy. But Linda Bruinsma, an Oregon animal groomer, does something better.

Linda with leftover hair, photo by Robin Loznak

Linda with leftover hair, photo by Robin Loznak

Each month, Linda collects more than 50 pounds of dog and cat hair. The dog hair is then used to create hair mats that help clean up oil spills. The cat hair is used by a vet who helps create products for people with allergies.

Kudos to Linda for doing her part to help our environment. And also for not being crazy.

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Tigger is a gray and white tabby cat who lives at the Master Made Feeds store near Fort Worth, Texas. Aside from helping the store keep their rodent population under control, Tigger has another job: surrogate mother.


After her own kittens were given to good homes, Tigger took up the job of mothering the store’s baby rabbits and chicks. Normally I’m not that into stories about interspecies mothering, but something about the way her owner describes Tigger just got to me. It’s like she just can’t stop being a mommy, and I think that’s just the sweetest thing ever.

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You may remember this post from the fuzzkill about the cat stuck in a couch. The fuzzkill theorized that the cat was actually a demented invader with killing in mind. This still may or may not be true, but Callie, the cat, has now been returned to her original owner.


The story doesn’t end there, though. Callie’s owner, Bob Killion of Spokane, Washington, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2001 and given a year to live. He credits Callie and his other cat, Tiger, with prolonging his life.

Could the fuzzkill be wrong? Could Callie be a life-saver, not a life-ender? I don’t know, but my favorite part of the article was when Tyler, the 9-year-old son of the woman who bought the Value Village couch that contained Callie, said that when the family heard the mysterious meowing, he thought it meant that their new house was haunted by a cat. I like the way he thinks.

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