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Vicki Myron, bestselling author of Dewey, just got a new cat. And while I fully support moving on after the death of a pet, I do think it’s a bit creepy that Page, the new cat, looks so much like Dewey. Someday (a day I hope is far in the future) when something happens to Jack, I doubt I’d get another fluffy orange and white cat. It’d be too painful and too weird. It’s like breaking up with a boyfriend and then getting another boyfriend who looks exactly like him.


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Sometimes I read a cat article and I instantly know that it is perfect for World Wide Whiskers. This was one of those times.

In Taipei, a stray cat saved the life of a man who was stuck in a toilet for two days. Of course, it was really more of a hole in the ground than a toilet, and the cat went and meowed at a neighbor until the neighbor came and saw what happened, but let’s not split hairs. A cat saved the life of a man stuck in a toilet, and the world is a better place for it.

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This is Bess.


The beloved cat of an LA Times reporter and her family, Bess lived on an island in Washington. Then she went missing for two months.

Most cats can barely make it two weeks without food and water. But apparently Bess isn’t like most cats.

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This is Voodoo.


Voodoo lives in Australia, where he recently survived a 34-story fall. According to this article, Voodoo liked to live life on the edge–particularly the edge of his 34th floor balcony. Although owner Sheree Washington was thrilled that he was ultimately okay (with only a damaged paw, among other injuries), I’d like to suggest an easy way to prevent this from happening again: don’t let the cat out onto the balcony. Seems pretty simple, and yet . . .

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Dewey isn’t the only library cat anymore. Meet Tober.


Unlike Dewey, who was merely the subject of a book, Tober, the library cat of Thorntown, Indiana, has his own blog. He just posted his Christmas wish list for Santa, which includes cords to chew on and a hamster.

And speaking of Christmas, merry Christmas and happy Hanukah to all you www readers out there. I’ll be spending today with the animals at the zoo.

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Trust me.

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It may seem awful, but these cats are safe–for now. They’ve been rescued by China Small Animal Protection Association from a Tianjin market that trade cats for meat and fur. There have been protests in China this week over the cruel treatment of cats (and dogs). China has NO animal protection laws, and so traders–who may be connected to the mafia–can do pretty much whatever they want to these poor animals.


While this is all pretty chilling, it was this part that made me tear up:

“Hanging on a hook from its head — with its snout cut cleanly off — was a skinned dog with a long curly tail, paws with small clumps of fur still on them and black claws. The dog’s jaw bone was displayed in a metal tray beneath the carcass.”

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