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The folks at Mix97.1 and the Capital Area Humane Society have set up a Kitty Caucus at the shelter. There are two “ballot boxes” (aka litter boxes) where the “delegates” (cats) can “vote” (poop). I’m for anything that encourages cat adoption, but I don’t know that poops are really a show of voterly confidence.


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Though I love cats more than anything else in the world, even I have to admit that being a cat for Halloween is a little lame (unless you’re five). That’s not to say I haven’t done it, but it’s always a last-minute back-up–just stick some ears and a tail on your black clothes and you’re good. So this year, why not spice it up a little? Instead of being a cat, you can be a crazy cat lady–even if you’re a dude.



Is it wrong that I kinda want that as my normal bathrobe?

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This photo of Tama the station cat, who I discussed here , is worth posting purely for the caption that appeared with it on CNN:

“Tama the ‘Super Stationmaster,’ in her hat cocked at a rakish angle, has become a sensation.”

In my day-to-day work writing the back covers of romance novels, I often write about rakish men. I know rakes, and Tama is no rake.

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A possible new species of cat was sighted on the Jorupe Reserve in Ecuador:


Welcome to the world, cat. To me, this cat’s most noticeable features are his large forehead (much like Tyra Banks) and sad eyes.

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Goddess Haley spends her days as a dominatrix, beating up men she calls “slaves.” She spends her nights in her two-bedroom Bushwick apartment, tending to up to 30 cats at a time that she has rescued from the streets. Her house must smell awful and be covered in fur, but I commend her.

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If you’re a regular reader of World Wide Whiskers, you know I love the lolcats of Icanhascheezburger. So how could I not love the book? Featuring more than 200 of the best lolcats ever, the book a) only costs $10 and b) takes longer to read than you would expect. There are also several spreads that define and give examples of some important lolcat terms, such as ceiling cat, im in ur, monorail cat, halp!, and more. My only, only complaint is that I wish it were a page a day calendar instead of a book, so that I could look at it every day. But don’t worry, it will be prominently displayed on my bookshelf along with my Christopher Pike collection.

P.S. The eyes on the cover have a spot gloss, so they follow you around your living room. So do the teeth, but they don’t eat you or anything.

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This is Homer. He’s missing both his eyes (and looks sort of like a bunny rabbit).

Homer belongs to a writer named Gwen Cooper. She’s currently at work on a book about him called Homer’s Odyssey: Tales of an Eyeless Wondercat. The reader inside of me who’s sick and tired of animal memoirs (and who was never a huge fan of Marley and Me in the first place) groaned, but then I read the chapter excerpt up on her blog. See, one night, Homer woke his owner up at 4 in the morning because an intruder was in her bedroom. And somehow, this tiny, eyeless cat managed to help her get him out, probably saving her life. He truly deserves to be called a wondercat, and I can’t wait till Cooper finishes her book.

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