World Wide Whiskers will be quiet for the rest of this week and next week as I head off on a much-needed vacation. But I promise to return with new ideas, new energy, and pictures of what will surely become my favorite places in the world: the cat cafes of tokyo. See you later!

zombie cat

This is Alfie. He came back from the dead.

Or at least, that’s what the lead-in to this article would have you believe. But what really happened is that he disappeared, and then his owner found a dead cat who looked just like him, assumed it was him, buried it, and moved away. Nine months later the neighbors found Alfie, who was not only not dead but also significantly fatter than he had been before.

So, either Alfie had moved in with another family and was chowing down, or he’s the rare fat zombie cat. One of those.

The best email I received all month contained this:

Hooray for coworkers who know how to brighten your day.

For the crazy cat lady who has everything . . .

Yes, that’s right, it’s a pendant with an impression of your cat’s nose. For just $155 plus shipping, you too can have the creepiest piece of jewelry I have ever seen.

This is Prinny. Prinny likes to swim.

She likes to swim so much, in fact, that she’s a regular attendee at a local swim center’s dog rehabilitation classes.

I’m sure she’s made lots of dog friends that way.

It’s not that I love the below commercial for Friskies so much, it’s that I love that there was a whole article about a cat food commercial in the New York Times.

It’s because cats control the media.

Keyboard Cat: beloved by all. Reincarnated Keyboard Cat: not so much.

While I love seeing cats play musical instruments no matter what the context, the little dancing paws are a little over the top.

cat sneakers

So you guys, I’ve been thinking about incorporating more cat fashion into my life . . .

If these cat sneakers weren’t $49 and weren’t beige, I’d be wearing them right now.

Cat attack!

At first glance I thought this might have been some sort of anti-fur thing, but I think that stuffed cat was thrown out of love.

My old roommate played the theremin, and it is a lot harder than it looks. But this cat is doing a pretty good job. Please watch the whole thing, because the best part is the end:

Cats playing music for each other! I love it.